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This agreement regulates relations between the Provider and the Client

Main terms of the agreement:

Provider - is a legal entity who provides a range of web hosting services. Officially registered in the Estonia as a private company - OÜ Web Hosting Solutions, registry code 12104489;

Client - individual person or legal entity that has entered into the Agreement with the Provider on the use of his services;

Basic services in the list of essential services are included such services as a dedicated or virtual server rent and a shared hosting service;

Additional services - in the list of additional services are included domain name registration, SSL-certificates, expanding server resources, rent of additional IP addresses, as well as other services stipulated and prescribed in the Agreement;

Terms that is not prescribed in Agreement are used in meaning specified in legislation, and in their absence – in usual meaning.

Provider Responsibilities:

The Client is not allowed:

Terms of the suspension and service denial:

Period of Agreement validity and it's modification:

Confidentiality and personal data:

Responsibilities of the parties:

The Provider is not responsible for damage that has arisen as a consequence:

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