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Telia Data Centre

Telia is the largest and most experienced data centre service provider in Estonia.

The clients of Telia data centres include Estonian government agencies, providers of vital service, the largest Scandinavian banks, and global cloud service providers.

All Telia data centres have quality (ISO9001), environmental (ISO14001), energy (ISO50001), information security (ISO 27001) and occupational safety (ISO 45001) certificates.

Data connections

  • One of the largest optical cable hubs in the country
  • Carrier & cloud neutral
  • Multiple major fiber providers
  • Duplicate and separated optical cable routes to other data centres
  • The building has 2 cable entries, two separate cable routes inside the building


The guaranteed availability of the data centre is 99.982%, actual availability of the data centre has been 100% since its commissioning.

Regular documented maintenance, annual internal and external audits, risk assessments, business continuity and emergency plans, exercises and testing help to ensure the quality of the service.

Green energy

Since 2016, Telia has only been using green energy from renewable sources that is produced in a responsible manner.

Additionally, Telia provides the waste heat from its data centres to heat nearby office and apartment buildings.


All data center systems are under round-the-clock surveillance of a multi-loop security system and undergo constant performance checks.

Different access levels, use of personal ID-cards, combination locks, identification systems, video surveillance with archiving.

  • 24/7 guard on spot
  • All doors and locks of the server room comply with the RC3 burglary resistance class
  • Video surveillance system
  • Electronic security and access control system
  • ISKE H, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant

Internal environment control

  • Guaranteed air temperature in the ‘cold’ zone: 23±3°, humidity 50±30%
  • All components of the climate system with a minimum redundancy of N+1
  • Continuous temperature monitoring in rooms and compartments with racks
  • Hot aisle separation
  • Individual cooling system for each server rack
  • Underground coolant reservoir for emergencies

Fire safety

  • The server room forms separate fire protection sections at a level of at least EI60
  • Gas based fire extinguishing system in demanding rooms
  • Early-warning fire detection system (VESDA)


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Software-defined enterprise servers and server systems that operate at the pace dictated by the business.

Extensive capabilities of the new HPE dedicated servers to efficiently solve your problems. The next generation of HPE servers is not only a leap in performance over previous generations, but also a fundamental change in concept. They are complex modular sets of solutions tailored in many dimensions to specific business requirements.


Supermicro servers are high-performance hardware that can be used for any corporate purpose.

The manufacturer is recognized as one of the leading in the world market, and its solutions are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Quality assurance from market leader

Cisco network hardware is represented by the most powerful solutions that include everything you need to automate and secure the transmission your network. In addition, these innovative products contribute to business process optimization and development.


Our many years of experience and knowledge in the field of IT solutions for business, allow not only to offer the client a hardware solution, but also to help in choosing and purchasing suitable software.

As a hosting partner of many software developers, we are ready to offer solutions for the most complex and non-standard tasks. We have solutions for the most common tasks:

  • Virtualization;
  • Backup;
  • Remote office;
  • secure data storage;
  • Webhosting and website management.

To achieve the best result, we use both free open source software and proprietary, licensed software.

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